Designing tomorrow's solutions today.

Product designer based in Charlotte, NC.

You can’t improve anything without learning how it works. With over a decade of experience, I bring a deep understanding of not just how things work, but how to make them work better for users.

Market research and product roadmap.

Gathering strategic information to plan and outline the future development of the product

User research and analysis.

Studying the needs of the users and the capabilities of the system

Design system implementation.

Streamlining and enhancing the design system for improved consistency and efficiency

Concept development and prioritization.

Identifying and prioritizing fundamental user challenges through thorough research, customer development, and concept exploration

MVP development.

Crafting a Minimum Viable Product from the ground up to validating your idea efficiently and launching your product journey

UX/UI design and consulting.

Crafting intuitive experiences through thoughtful UX/UI design



Instrument that will help both customers and practitioners to follow the health plan and discuss details.

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Dashboard and CRM for GK FOM

Company is one of the leading sociological organizations, conducting a large volume of commissioned and proprietary research.

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Autumn Al-powered analytics that surfaces recommendations and insights to the right people to help you get the big calls right when it comes to your workforce.

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Whisk B2B

We're refined the recipe creation and management process, making it more intuitive and user-friendly for a seamless experience.

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