Nikita Yarygin

Product Designer

Find and solve user problems

I'm an ambitious and self-motivated designer who has been in design for many years


Depending on the type of project, I'm always aim to understand the client’s business, learn how it works and understands the audience. I'm using all the knowledge to solve problems and find solutions. The goal is to bring this solution through interface.


Can make simple things

Product approach

From idea to specification


Permanent solution search

In my work I'm always aim to solve current problems effectively, taking into account customers’ and users’ wishes

I'm always up to date with a new software, post-production techniques & industry trends, adaptable and able to pick up new techniques as well.

Dashboard and CRM for GK FOM

The main activity of the company is sociological researches. I faced the following task: “It is necessary to make a report builder,” and later on this task eventually turned into a full-fledged service, both for the company employees and the clients. View case
Dashboard and CRM for GK FOM

Mobile applications design for Babadu. The leader of children's retail on the Russian market

Alongside with the preparing adaptive version of the website it has been decided to update the existing mobile applications for iOS and Android. Main goal is to increase conversion and to simplify purchase process, and also to increase DAU (daily active users). View case
Crezter - Babadu

A handy resource where users can easily find places with great deals and discounts

Sometimes the most interesting stuff in a city is hiding in plain sight. With this service you can find the best places to eat and relax. The main functionality of the website is a search of discounts, so I've intended to make a convenient tool for this. It was also necessary to create the management tool for the members of the club. View case
Crezter - Pesona Concierge

The company’s specialization is sales of estates at the coast of the Baltic Sea

Every estate already has all necessary conveniences, so you just need to pick up the area and order a villa construction if you want to. Main goal was to inspire the sense of lightness and calmness of the visual component. I've reached it by creation of the white space, well selected fonts and highlighted key-points. View case
Crezter - Rantau

The idea of the service is to make a website where any customer can create his/her own bouqet

Walking along the streets or surfing the net you can find various shops that offer bouquets creation services. But, however, they are ready-made variants. What if you want to make the unique bouquet? This project allows you to choose flowers that you may like and to make a bouquet from them. Such bouquets can be seen on Instagram and if you wish, you can buy any. View case

The Selfish app ties together both your captured moments and the people you love to share them with

In this app users are given the chance to add some moments of their life and to unite them in a story. I was lucky to develop the design concept both for the app and for the website, and also to think up the general stylistics of the brand. View case

In 2013 Mail.Ru Group, the Russian Internet pioneer unveiled its first U.S. initiative, a startup called

I had an opportunity to take part in the development of the project. I was faced by a task to draw the section of games. Though the final variant was not used, I decided to show it. It is my idea of the project and the way it has to look like. The logo and the icons come from ONY Agency.
 View case