Autumn Solutions offers AI-powered analytics that provide personalized recommendations and insights to help businesses make informed decisions regarding their workforce. By focusing on employee experience, Autumn Solutions helps organizations create a positive work environment that fosters engagement, development, and brand loyalty.


As the designer of the project, my task was to redesign the onboarding experience and create a new overall look and feel for Autumn Solutions. Our goal was to enhance the user experience and provide a more engaging and intuitive onboarding process. Additionally, we aimed to align the project's visual elements with the company's brand identity and values.

Why employee experience matters

Employee experience has a significant impact on an organization's success. A positive experience drives employee satisfaction, engagement, and retention, ultimately leading to increased revenue and customer satisfaction.


of medical costs accrued mostly due to preventable conditions

$20 million

of additional lost opportunity for every 10,000 workers due to struggling or suffering employees

$322 billion

of turnover and lost productivity cost globally due to employee burnout

15% to 20%

of total payroll in voluntary turnover costs, on average, due to burnout


Furthermore, the relationship between career wellbeing and other elements of wellbeing is reciprocal. Career wellbeing is the foundation for other aspects of wellbeing, and employee engagement is the primary driver of career wellbeing. When organizations prioritize both employee wellbeing and engagement, they create a thriving environment that benefits both employees and business outcomes.

  • Diagnosing Needs. Help to identify areas for improvement and understand the connections between wellbeing, processes, and performance.
  • Prioritizing Interventions. Prioritize programs that align with employee needs and the seven catalysts of wellbeing.
  • Activating Behavior. Change Equip employees with the knowledge and tools to create an action plan for themselves and their team, taking a holistic view of wellbeing.

"Combining strengths and wellbeing at work is potentially the most transformational treatment yet in the urgent pursuit of resiliency, mental health and ultimately, net thriving."

By Jim Harter, Ph.D.


Data collection and analysis

During the project, I designed an onboarding process to gather essential information for creating individual employee profiles. Leveraging the capabilities of AI and automation, our solution continuously monitored employee feedback, offering valuable insights to pinpoint areas of improvement. Additionally, sentiment analysis tools were integrated, allowing employers to gain insights into employee sentiments, even when concerns were not explicitly voiced.

1 in 4

US employees strongly agree that their organization cares about their overall wellbeing.



The project I designed for Autumn Solutions empowers businesses to craft a positive employee experience, contributing to their overall success. Through the integration of AI-powered analytics, organizations gain the ability to make informed decisions that result in higher revenue, enhanced customer satisfaction, and improved employee retention. Additionally, the project introduced a user-friendly experience, a fresh visual style, and a logic for easily combining illustrations, enabling anyone to do so without the need for a designer.