2021 - Current

Senior Product Designer

Member of the Toptal exclusive network of designers, connecting the top 3% of freelance designers and developers globally with leading companies like Stubhub, Shopify, Zendesk, and others. Throughout my time, I actively contributed to projects, collaborating with engineers and using a clear vision to formulate tasks, study competitors, and work on product design from scratch. I played a pivotal role in defining use-cases and enhancing the scope of both new and existing services, whether working independently or as part of a team.

Samsung NEXT

2020 - 2021

Product Designer

I worked as part of a cross-functional teams on the Whisk project (now called Samsung Food) - a mobile and web application for storing recipes, creating meal plans and shopping lists. Google Play's Best of 2020 - winner of the Best Everyday Life award. I helped with finding new opportunities for the service and testing hypotheses through prototypes. I came to rescue when the task was not yet formulated and there was no clear vision regarding how things should work and what specifically should be accomplished. I worked on the design system, helped to form a clear structure and process for updating components.


2017 - 2019

Product Owner

I joined the company as a product designer and was responsible not only for the design but also for forming requirements and describing tasks for the products, identifying user needs, and researching the market. Later, I became a product owner, contributing to the development of one of the company's products with a clear vision. Based on the user research and competitor analysis, I quickly identified the main functionality of the service, which helped to solve customer pain points and increase sales.



Product designer

I was responsible for credit and mortgage products’ design, application conversion increase, worked on customer behaviour scenarios, helped to prioritise tasks. Worked according to Agile methodology. Together with the team, we managed to reduce the number of fields for filling out the applications and thereby increase the conversion of form filling.



Product designer

I worked as a product designer in the Cyprus office and was responsible for designing mobile applications for iOS and Android. Having studied user needs and system capabilities, I designed and developed application designs for iOS and Android. Designed a third-party web application that was not included in the company's product portfolio to test the algorithm. The application was quickly developed and launched.


2016 - 2017

Senior designer

Worked on the redesign of the company's main resource, helped to increase engagement, the number of new and returning users. Also participated in the development of B2B projects from scratch, where through company employees’ interviews a number of problems in their work was identified and ways to solve them through the service were found. Close interaction with the engineers and optimization of joint work helped to speed up the implementation of new layouts and facilitate the development in general.


2015 - 2016

Product designer

Together with the team we launched a project, a competitor to etsy.com from scratch within a year. My responsibilities included working on the platform interfaces, both web and mobile.


2014 - 2015

Product Designer

I worked on the development and implementation of the visual style of the Selfish project (renamed Storia). Colors, logo, overall concept, mobile interfaces. Together with the team, we managed to achieve interface consistency across all the platforms, and the project redesign was completed in the shortest possible time to meet the official launch deadline.

Mail.ru Group

2013 - 2014

Web Designer

Worked on the redesign of the Games.mail.ru project, designed the Gaming Center application, designed the My.com website, designed web platforms for tournaments. Almost all decisions on the changes were based on the data from statistics, which made it possible to increase the conversion of Games.mail.ru and the time spent by the users on the site.


2012 - 2012

Web Designer

Website design for such banks as Eurotrust, European Industrial Bank, Avangard, Russian Standard. Design of the template for the Bitrix online store. Creating concepts for tenders, fully developing resource interfaces, participating in prototyping.


2011 - 2012


I had to develop both website interfaces and corporate styles, logos. Periodically worked directly with clients without involving managers.