Nikita Yarygin



2021 - Current

Senior Product Designer

Member of the Toptal exclusive network of designers that connects the top 3% of freelance designers and developers around the world with leading companies for various projects.

  • Work with different teams and projects
  • Lead the process of reorganizing and updating the design system and design file structure
  • Design click-through prototypes, iterate and collaborate with engineering to implement

Samsung NEXT

2020 - 2021

Product Designer

Whisk - desktop and mobile application for recipe save, meal planning & grocery list creation. Google play's best of 2020 'everyday essentials' award winner.

I’ve helped to explore new possibilities and test hypotheses through visualization. I'm being approached when the task is not clear and there is no clear understanding of how it should work.

  • Lead the process of reorganizing and updating the design system
  • Design click-through prototypes, iterate and collaborate with engineering to implement
  • Design and prototype CMS for b2b from scratch without specs
  • Created search experience for all the platforms
  • Helped with many early concepts for features when there was no clarity on what is needed
  • Creative solutions with little clarity/requirements


2017 - 2019

Product Owner

The Aktion-MCFER Media Group has created and develops more than 150 products: professional online publications, reference systems, online services and educational online courses. The company's products are used by more than 600 thousand specialists in Russia.

I've decided to continue developing the product which I've started to design in a new role, as a product owner in the same company. I've made the research of the market, talk with potential users, and have made the new roadmap with a new features prioritization. After the selling was increased it was clear that people ready to pay for the solution we have.

  • Market research, user interview and new roadmap with a new features prioritization
  • Understanding the core user problems trough the research 
and customer development
  • Gathering and managing the business requirements
  • Core features development based on the market analysis 
and user needs



Product designer

Founded in 1990, Alfa Banking Group is headquartered in Moscow, Russia. Alfa-Bank is the largest privately owned bank with well-established diversified franchise, strong access to Russian blue chips, successful footprint of mass corporate segment and solid positions in retail banking

I was responsible with design of credit and mortgage products. Our team was achieved the KPI and increased the overall percentage of people who’ve completed the form and take the money from a bank.

  • Design the new products of the company
  • Delivery process optimization inside the team
  • Rethinking the process of taking credit and increasing the number of applications
  • Increased conversion of the application forms, developed scenarios of customer behavior, help in prioritization of the backlog



Product designer

Exness Group provides services for trading on the financial exchange. I worked as a product designer in the Cyprus office and it was my responsibility to design mobile applications for iOS and Android.

  • Studied the needs of users and the capabilities of the system, I’ve designed and developed the design of applications for iOS and Android
  • Designed a third-party web application that was not part of the company's product portfolio to test the new algorithm. The application was quickly developed and launched.


2016 - 2017

Senior designer

Redesign of the main product which brings engagement increasing, the amount of new and returned visitors. Inner projects design:

  • Through interviews with the company's employees, it was possible to identify a number of problems in the process of their work and ways of solving them through an interface
  • Customer and user surveys helped increase conversion on existing projects and increase customer interest in the new
  • Serial interface modification based on statistical data has helped to increase involvement
  • Close interaction with the development team and optimization of teamwork helped to accelerate the introduction of new layouts and facilitate development in general.

Close work with developers helped to create the new mockups integration and make the developement easier.

2015 - 2016

Product designer is an online marketplace where anyone can buy or sell handmade products and materials for creative work.

  • Developing the visual part of the project
  • Optimization of work with designers and developers to implement improvements in the platform
  • Improved interaction with the interface
  • Creating and maintaining the design system


2014 - 2015

Product Designer

Visual design of the Selfish project. Selfish is a service which allows to collect text, photo and video content devoted to various life events and impressions as well as the world around to unite every- thing in groups and to turn into beautiful stories.

  • Development of the general design concept, giving guidance on layout, colours and styles
  • Design and implementation of the interface
  • Development and creation of the corporate style from concept through to completion
  • Mobile application interface design
  • Maintenance and elaboration of the product Group

2013 - 2014

Web Designer Group, ООО is a Russian internet company. It was started in 1998 as an e-mail service and went on to become a major corporate figure in the Russian-speaking segment of the Internet. As of 2013 according to comScore, websites owned by collectively had the largest audience in Russia and captured the most screen time.

I was engaged in a redesign of the project, design of the Game Center application, website design, website design for the tournaments.

  • All decisions about changes were based on data from statistics
  • I managed to increase the conversion of website and the time spent by users on the site
  • Running the redesign of the Game Center in the shortest time with remote programmers


2012 - 2012

Web Designer

AIC — the top digital experts on the Russian web-development market that specialize in financial and IT projects. The web design of such banks as Eurotrust, European Industrial Bank, Avangard, Russian Standard Bank

  • Internet-shop Bitrix theme design
  • Concept creation for tendering
  • Elaboration of the user-friendly interface
  • Participation in the prototyping


2011 - 2012


  • Development and maintenance of the web design Design of the logotypes
  • Creation of the corporate styles
  • Meeting and corresponding with clients
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