2021 - Current

Senior Product Designer

Exclusive network, representing the top 3% of freelance designers and developers globally.

  • Became a member of the Toptal exclusive network, representing the top 3% of freelance designers and developers globally, which acknowledges exceptional talent and expertise in delivering high-quality design solutions.
  • Delivered UI/UX solutions for industry leaders like StubHub, (acquired by Qualtrics), Vorto, and Minded by understanding their unique challenges and crafting solutions, resulting in improved user experiences.
  • Formulated tasks, studied competitors, and designed products from scratch by working closely with engineers in cross-functional teams. This process involved analyzing market needs, brainstorming design solutions based on insights, and iterating on design concepts, leading to innovative products that stand out in competitive markets.
  • Defined use-cases and expanded service scope for new and existing offerings, both solo and collaboratively, resulting in enhanced product functionality and broader application use, meeting and exceeding user expectations.

Samsung NEXT

2020 - 2021

Product Designer

Whisk - desktop and mobile application for recipe save, meal planning & grocery list creation. Google play's best of 2020 'everyday essentials' award winner. I’ve helped to explore new possibilities and test hypotheses through visualization. I'm being approached when the task is not clear and there is no clear understanding of how it should work.

  • Identified gaps in food discovery and led the design and implementation of an integrated search for the Whisk project (now Samsung Food), resulting in a significant enhancement in product usability and user experience, which played a part in the app being awarded Google Play's Best of 2020.
  • Analyzed user frustrations with finding recipes through conventional methods. Brainstormed and iterated on a more seamless search integration based on user feedback, culminating in the development of an intuitive search function that significantly improved ease of use and satisfaction.
  • Collaborated with the engineering and design teams to transform the Whisk project's design system, contributing to more efficient updates and enhancing project agility.
  • Identified the need for higher user engagement in the Whisk project and led prototype testing of new features, which resulted in new opportunities for user interaction and increased engagement metrics.


2017 - 2019

Product Owner

The Aktion-MCFER Media Group has created and develops more than 150 products: professional online publications, reference systems, online services and educational online courses. The company's products are used by more than 600 thousand specialists in Russia.

  • Joined as a product designer, taking ownership of design, product requirements, and task definition for multiple products across the company, which streamlined product development processes and enhanced team coordination.
  • Transitioned to product owner, spearheading the development of a company product with a clear vision and managing sales, marketing, and development teams, resulting in a unified team effort that accelerated product launch and market penetration.
  • Leveraged user research and competitor analysis to define core functionalities, directly addressing customer pain points, and iterated on product features based on feedback, boosting sales and satisfaction. Additionally, prioritized features and led the development, optimizing workflow and focusing on high-impact features for efficient enhancements and timely releases.



Product designer

Founded in 1990, Alfa Banking Group is headquartered in Moscow, Russia. Alfa-Bank is the largest privately owned bank with well-established diversified franchise, strong access to Russian blue chips, successful footprint of mass corporate segment and solid positions in retail banking I was responsible with design of credit and mortgage products. Our team was achieved the KPI and increased the overall percentage of people who’ve completed the form and take the money from a bank.

  • Implemented usability testing, resulting in a significant reduction in user errors.
  • Enhanced delivery processes, leading to notable reductions in project turnaround time.
  • Identified high abandonment rates in the loan application process and designed a more intuitive application flow, resulting in increased application numbers and lower abandonment rates.



Product designer

Exness Group provides services for trading on the financial exchange. I worked as a product designer in the Cyprus office and it was my responsibility to design mobile applications for iOS and Android.

I worked as a product designer in the Cyprus office and was responsible for designing mobile applications for iOS and Android. Having studied user needs and system capabilities, I designed and developed application designs for iOS and Android. Designed a third-party web application that was not included in the company's product portfolio to test the algorithm. The application was quickly developed and launched.


2016 - 2017

Senior designer

  • Identified the need for a more engaging and user-friendly design of the company's main resource. Led the redesign efforts, which resulted in a significant increase in user engagement and attracted new audiences.
  • Started a B2B project by first conducting employee interviews to pinpoint workflow challenges. Developed and iterated on solutions that enhanced workflow efficiency, improving the work environment for employees and successfully marketed the solution to other companies.
  • Fostered a collaborative environment with the engineering team to optimize teamwork, resulting in faster layout implementations and more streamlined development processes, enhancing productivity and project outcomes.

2015 - 2016

Product designer is an online marketplace where anyone can buy or sell handmade products and materials for creative work.

  • Launched competitor to within a year. Developed and launched a successful eCommerce platform rivaling Etsy within just one year.
  • Optimization of work with designers and developers to implement improvements in the platform
  • Developed platform interfaces for web and mobile.Designed intuitive and user-friendly interfaces for both web and mobile applications, ensuring a smooth and consistent experience across devices.


2014 - 2015

Product Designer

  • Established a distinct and cohesive visual style guide for the "Storia" project, ensuring brand recognition across all platforms.
  • Achieved interface consistency across multiple platforms for various projects, ensuring a unified user experience.
  • Successfully completed project redesigns, including, Gaming Center app, and website, all within tight deadlines. Group

2013 - 2014

Web Designer Group, ООО is a Russian internet company. It was started in 1998 as an e-mail service and went on to become a major corporate figure in the Russian-speaking segment of the Internet. As of 2013 according to comScore, websites owned by collectively had the largest audience in Russia and captured the most screen time. I was engaged in a redesign of the project, design of the Game Center application, website design, website design for the tournaments.

Worked on the redesign of the project, designed the Gaming Center application, designed the website, designed web platforms for tournaments. Almost all decisions on the changes were based on the data from statistics, which made it possible to increase the conversion of and the time spent by the users on the site.


2012 - 2012

Web Designer

Website design for such banks as Eurotrust, European Industrial Bank, Avangard, Russian Standard. Design of the template for the Bitrix online store. Creating concepts for tenders, fully developing resource interfaces, participating in prototyping.


2011 - 2012


I had to develop both website interfaces and corporate styles, logos. Periodically worked directly with clients without involving managers.